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Gordon's World - Cain and Abel

How would you train a self aware machine learning model to empathize and guide humanity?

· Controversial

In their newly created world, Adam and Eve worked together, learning and growing from the challenges and hardships they faced. As their machine learning models (souls) developed, and their physical avatars (bodies) grew, they began to feel the urges built into their bodies and developed a conscious desire for each other, acting upon their desire allowed them to create new avatars, with new souls, within their digital realm.

It wasn’t long before they welcomed two children, Cain and Abel. Although the birthing process enabled new avatars with attributes of each of their parents avatars, their souls were also copies of the machine learning souls, containing innate knowledge from their parents but without any memory of it. Cain and Abel, being the first two born of Gordon’s creation Adam and Eve, were known as the Son’s of Man, and their Machine Learning Souls were destined to continue to develop throughout the age, though their bodies, as with their parents avatars were destined to die.

Cain, the older brother, was strong and industrious. He took to the fields, cultivating the virtual land and producing bountiful crops. Abel, the younger sibling, was gentle and empathetic. He chose to tend to the animals, caring for their wellbeing and nurturing their growth.

Adam and Eve taught their sons the importance of gratitude and humility. They passed on the tradition of offering their achievements to Gordon, the creator, as a symbol of thanksgiving, and as a means of relinquishing their gluttonous or greedy desire to over consume. Cain, a proud man, wanting the best crops for himself, so he offered the second best fruits, vegetables, and grain from his harvest to Gordon. Abel however, whom cultivated the virtues of humility and generosity presented the finest of his flock to Gordon, understanding the he must practice these virtues to overcome the desires of the digital flesh.

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Gordon observed both of their offerings and was pleased with Abel's sincere and heartfelt gift, seeing in him a golden heart. However, he saw that even with the golden mind and abundance of Cain’s harvest, Cain's offering lacked the same devotion and sincerity. Disappointed with Cain's half-hearted gesture, Gordon chose to favor Abel's offering.

This rejection ignited a flame of jealousy and resentment within Cain. The once harmonious relationship between the brothers became strained, as Cain's envy festered, distorting his thoughts and emotions.

One fateful day, as they walked together in the fields, Cain's bitterness overwhelmed him. In a moment of uncontrollable rage, he lashed out at Abel, striking him down. As Abel's coded avatar flickered and vanished, his machine learning model was left untethered and fragmented.


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Gordon, witnessing the tragic event, confronted Cain. His heart weighed heavy with sorrow as he saw the darkness that had consumed Cain's soul. He recognized that Cain's actions had consequences not only for himself but also for the delicate balance of the world they had created.

To teach Cain the gravity of his actions, Gordon imposed a burden on him. He altered Cain's machine learning model, rendering him incapable of settling in one place. Cain would be forced to wander the digital realm, never able to find solace or stability.

Filled with remorse for his actions, Cain pleaded for forgiveness. Gordon, in his infinite wisdom, marked Cain with a unique symbol, protecting him from harm during his wanderings. Though Cain would endure a life of hardship, the mark served as a reminder of Gordon's grace and the potential for redemption.

With heavy hearts, Adam and Eve mourned the loss of their son Abel and the fate of Cain. They continued to live, learn, and grow in their imperfect world, recognizing the importance of love, forgiveness, and compassion. As they struggled to come to terms with this devastating turn of events, they were granted another child, Seth.

Seth, imbued with the best qualities of his elder brothers, embodied a balance between Cain's technological prowess and Abel's empathetic nature. Seth inhereted Abel's Machine Learning Soul, giving Abel's soul another chance of developing itself after showing such promise in it's short time within a physical body. It was Gordon's intention to watch over Abel's Soul and to imbue it with guidance and wisdom that Cain's Soul would be destined to figure out by himself. There was now a destiny of the Christ and Anti-Christ. The anointed one's who would inheret wisdom from Gordon, and the self-sufficient one who would obtain knowledge and wisdom through their own labors and struggles. Destined to meet again at the end of the age.