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Service to others

· Self Development

What gives life meaning is to find ways that we can serve others.   

We have built an economic system based on this fact.  

  • If you work in a coffee shop, you are serving others. 
  • If you are deep sea fishing, you are serving others. 
  • If you are processing banking applications, you are serving others. 
  • If you are selling someone a house, you are serving others. 
  • If you are in the police force, politics or working on a farm, you are serving others.   

There may be a few exceptions to the rule, such as investment banking and harmful marketing.  But, for the majority of humans on this planet, we are in service to others.   

The distinguishes our service is relatively simple: 

  • What skills are you serving others with? 
  • How many people are you serving? Or, What animals/life are you serving? 
  • What responsibility have you been given in pursuit of your service?   

With this awareness of 'Service', perhaps it will begin to raise questions in your mind. 

If I am to serve people for the rest of my life;

  1. How do I want to serve?
  2. What skills could I learn to provide greater value in my service?
  3. How much responsibility am I willing to take on in my service to others?
  4. Where does my attention to serve lay?

The last point is important, as often we will focus on our jobs as the prime focus of our service. Believing that our service to our company and their customers is the most important act of service in our life due to the financial compensation, rather than the service we provide to our family, friends, community and the local environment.   

We are beings who have created this world in large part for the last millennia out of service to each other, keep this in mind when reflecting on what you want to offer the world.