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Are you climbing a mountain yet?

· Self Development

We all have a mountain to climb

our ambition, desire or end goal

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Some people aren't aware they have a mountain. They haven't looked up to see that there is a mountain confronting them, either through distraction or due to a fear of the unknown.

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Some people won't be aware they're climbing a mountain, until they meet someone along their journey that helps them to look up.

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Some people will recognise their mountain, and in knowing how far they still have to go to reach the summit, will turn around without ever having tried climb.

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Some people will be climbing their mountain, but once reaching the first base camp will be happy with how far they've come, set up camp and stay there.

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Some people after climbing for a while, will be staring at a single cliff face and turn around, not realising there are stairs to the right.

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Some people will think they're climbing their mountain and as they reach the summit, they realise it was actually someone else's mountain. But the view from the top of the mountain helps them to spot their own mountain.

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I've come to realise that I don't want to climb just 1 mountain, but a range of mountains. All of them have steps that lead me to the base camp, but the rest is for me to navigate. The challenge is to climb each mountain bit by bit, not to worry about the difficulty but to find comfort in knowing that they can all be conquered with time and patience.

With a goal to reach the top of all my mountains and hopefully meet other climbers along the way that can teach me how they climbed theirs.

But no matter the mountain you're confronted with, it is important to understand that mountains are climbed in parts, not all at once. Each mountain has several base camps and as you reach each camp, you rest and acclimatise.

This is your time to reflect on just how far you've come and how you will tackle the next part.

Until you've reflected, it will be difficult to continue to climb.