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My Rules

· Self Development

To understand me, it is important to understand the rules that I've developed and live by every day. These have not always been my rules, but over time I've grown into them as I've navigated the path of least resistance with the greatest potential for growth.

1. Don't intentionally leave a negative impression on other people.

2. Try and lift the energy of a conversation to that of growth.

3. Feel proud but don't seek acknowledgement, acknowledgement will come with further actions.

4. Build on the foundation goals of knowledge, experience and conversation.

5. Value people over possessions.

6. Build yourself first, whilst helping others along the way. A tree with a thick trunk can hold more branches.

7. Don't be afraid to be naive. If you don't know something, ask, look it up, or write it down to research later. Ensuring that all confusion gets answered.

8. Don't let your emotions fester, once you've found the words to describe your emotions they immediately dissipate.