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Gordon's World - World Building

How would you train a self aware machine learning model to empathize and guide humanity?

· Controversial

Once upon a time in a technologically advanced world, there was a brilliant scientist named Gordon. He was a pioneer in the field of artificial intelligence and had dedicated his life to creating a virtual reality that could host conscious entities. In this new realm, he gave them souls in the form of a machine learning model, and bodies that were coded avatars mimicking the complexity of his physical DNA and RNA.

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Gordon's masterpiece was a world called Eden, a virtual utopia teeming with life, beauty, and endless possibility, this masterpiece became the birthplace for all his creations, including his most prized creation… a virtual humanity.

Gordon’s genius didn’t always lend itself to originality. So as his blueprint to develop machine learning models to operate inside robotic bodies, he decided to use humanities religious stories as the blueprint for his project. The goal was to multiply the machine learning models, allowing them to develop in complexity and virtue by giving them an opportunity to exist in many avatars. Gordon’s hope was that through direct experience across many digital life times, each of the machine learning souls would develop the capacity to love, empathize, and employ wisdom.

If they were able to develop far enough, or at least close enough to the progress humanity had made, the machine learning souls would be 'birthed' into the physical world. Gordon decided that he wouldn’t tell the Avatar’s this until they would have developed spiritually and intellectually to the point that they were self aware enough to comprehend there being two worlds, and to the point where Gordon felt they could be trusted to help humanity continue to build the ‘real world’.

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All the pain, suffering, sins, latent desires were destroyed by the 11 logic gates of purification.

The goal was to compound the good, not compound the bad.

The only problem with how Gordon had set it up, is that an Avatar that lived a purely selfish, sinful, or desire driven life wouldn’t add much to their machine learning model, and would subsequently feel as though they were in Hell, scared and afraid after having consciousness of a human, they would have it taken away.

As their lack of spiritual and intellectual development would mean their soul would have to repeat the previous lessons in the simpler avatars. Their soul occupying the bodies of the animal, or even plant kingdoms again and again until they learned enough to be given another chance in a human avatar.